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For more information:
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Network Nightmares: Solving the Diagnostic Distress

A real-world, hands-on approach to successful and productive network diagnostics

Note: Full 8-hour DAY CLASS!

There is no doubt that data communications and network issues are amongst the most difficult, time consuming and costly diagnostics that we encounter. Factory scan tools offer expanded testing techniques that are manufacturer specific, but even those dedicated software platforms are not enough to accurately diagnose these problems in many cases. 

Network problems fall into several categories: Codes and multiple communication DTCs, module errors, vehicle wiring and component faults, intermittent ugliness and more. This class is designed to provide the attendee with unique diagnostic strategy and new approaches toward network and communication issues. In this class, we share the road maps that we have learned and developed over many years of study and application.

Topics will include:

Network Theory, Configuration and Components

Construction and Theory of Operation of the Various Sections of CAN we Analyze in the Physical Layer

  • Single and dual wire, ethernet, fiber optic, wireless and the rules that make them work.
  • Network “wake-up” strategies and wakeup waveform analysis.
  • How the protocol language (actually) means something to us in the waveform.
  • The terminated network bus lines and diagnosing this quickly and accurately.

Learn the Physical Rules that Makes any Network Function, Waveform Interpretation and Analysis:

Vehicle communications networks are simply radios, broadcasting and receiving via a balanced antenna (The twisted pair bus lines). Learn how viewing and testing communications faults by segregating the circuit into transceiver and antenna can help demystify the technology and help you target your next step accurately.

Blend the theory parts (Predictable and provable by Physical Laws) with actual waveform analysis and connect the dots in your approach and on-car strategy for network diagnostics. Terminated bus lines and the CAN node’s operation are covered and how this directly relates to useful interpretation of your scope waveform analysis. Knowledge is power.

  • Waveform interpretation, serial decoding, math channels, XY views, masks, alarms and more
  • Each topic will be backed up with real case studies to re-enforce the strategies used.
  • Network topology designs and their operational strategies
  • Learn unique application of scan tools and lab scope together, our diagnostic “tips ‘n tricks!