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For more information:
(602) 910-0081 Call/Text
Email Diana- Executive Director

Combustion, Carbon and Carnage:  Diagnosing Fuel and Oil Related Drivability Concerns

NOTE: This in-demand class sold out with 230+ in attendance at the last presentation.

Diagnosing the TOUGH Ones: Ghost Misfires, VVT Issues, P0420 Cat Codes, Lean Codes, Hard Misfires…

Learn to Leverage Scanner Data and Lab Scope Waveform Analysis Techniques to Identify and Correct Deposit Related Drivability Conditions.

Learn Mechanical, VVT and Rationality Diagnostic Techniques Using Your Lab Scope.

This class looks at how fuel and oil depositing play a MAJOR role in getting the diagnosis RIGHT THE FIRST TIME on these modern close tolerance, fast-fuel control GDI vehicles.

This is an eye-opening class for techs, advisors, and shop owners alike, and covers critical diagnostic methodology and knowledge that the OEMs are NOT teaching today... Learn how adding this strategy to your diagnostics saves time, un-necessary parts replacement and LESS A MUST-SEE CLASS in these times!